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Snell Model Mix - 1 Dozen

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This Snell Golf Ball Mix offers an exceptional variety of top-tier golf balls, encompassing all models from the Snell range: MTB Black, MTB-X, and Get Sum. Each model delivers unique performance attributes, from the tour-caliber control and feel of the MTB series to the enhanced distance and softer feel of the Get Sum, providing golfers with a suitable option for every playing style and condition.

Please note, no set percentage of each model is guaranteed and this will be a mix

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Full Description

This Snell Golf Ball Model Mix is a thoughtfully curated selection of Snell's top-performing golf balls. It includes all models from the Snell lineup: MTB Black, MTB-X, and Get Sum, each designed with a distinct purpose to maximize performance. The MTB series offers tour-grade control and feel, while the Get Sum model provides enhanced distance and a softer feel. This range of attributes makes the Snell Golf Ball Model Mix suitable for golfers of varying styles and skill levels. As such, it offers a unique opportunity to explore Snell's innovative technologies and commitment to affordable excellence in golf equipment. There is no set amount of each model.

Quick reference on our grades

Mint: These have hardly been used and didn't sit very long before being recovered. Logos and pen marks may be present

Near Mint: These are like new but maybe they have a few blemishes or minor discoloration. Logos and pen marks may be present.

Good: These are really playable golf balls but have some scuffs, possible major discoloration, logos and pens marks. These golf balls work and shouldnt affect gameplay, but just may not be pretty.

Quality Features

How are your golf balls cleaned?

Every golf ball is soaked for a period of time in a top secret mixture to get off dirt and other debris. Then, each ball goes into a soapy wash. This gets our golf balls very clean. Sometimes you get a stubborn ball, so any ball that doesn't pass our clean standards are put back into the soak!

How do you quality grade?

We keep things very simple when it comes to our quality grading. We have four grades starting from best to worst:

Mint, Near Mint, Good, & Shag.

How do you recycle a golf ball?

We start by getting all our balls retrieved from golf courses all across the United States. We retrieve balls from every part of a golf course. We then wash each ball and sort by model and grade. After washing and sorting each ball is counted, packaged and shipped directly to you.

Where are you located?

Our family is born and raised in Texas and our business is no different! Every aspect of our business is operated in house with local help right here in Bastrop Texas. That means every order comes with southern hospitality.

Free Shipping
When should I expect my order? And do you offer free Shipping?

We offer free shipping on all orders over $59.

All orders are processed within 24 hours of purchase with an average delivery time of 2-4 days. That means if you purchase on Monday morning your golfing by Thursday afternoon.

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