How We Grade Our Golf Balls

How We Grade Our Golf Balls

You receiving the perfect ball is the only thing important to us. That is why we take pride in the quality of our clean and our strict grading guidelines. Here are our grading guidelines:

Mint: These have hardly been used and didn't sit very long before being recovered. Maybe they were used for a few holes and lost. Corporate Logos, images and pen marks may be present.

Near Mint: These are close to new but maybe they have a few blemishes or minor discoloration. Its apparent these balls sat a little longer before being recovered and were hit a few more times than Mint grade balls. Corporate Logos, images and player pen marks may be present.

Good: These are really playable golf balls but have some scuffs, possible major discoloration, logos and pens marks. These golf balls work and shouldn't affect gameplay, but just may not be pretty. Corporate Logos, images and pen marks may be present.

Our Process

When weekend golfer "John" has a little too much fun at the course and knocks a few golf balls into the water hazards, the nearby trees or any other place that isn't the green, that's when the journey of Clean Green Golf Balls starts. Our golf balls are recovered from all different parts of the golf course all across the great USA.

Once the ball is recovered its shipped in batches to our warehouse facility located in beautiful Bastrop Texas, home of the Lost Pines. Each ball is soaked for a period of time in a top secret bath. After its soak each golf balls goes through a soapy scrubbing machine. After drying each ball is hand sorted for make, model and quality.

This is where you come in. Once you place an order our staff will collect the exact golf balls you requested package them up and ship them out within 24 hours of your purchase.