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12 Monogrammed Golf Balls

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You like to keep it simple and we like that. The monogrammed ball is the perfect one for your modern sensibilities. Submit your text and we will print them on 12 mint condition golf balls.

Each order comes sleeved in 4 boxes perfect for distributing.

If you would like a specific brand please select from the drop down box above. Wholesale prices available by request.

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Detailed Overview and Grading Standards

Each orders comes with a fully personalized set of 12 brand name golf balls. These will be printed on Mint condition recycled Golf Balls. You save some money and we both help to save the environment.

We edit and print every order in house with state of the art printing technology. Each golf ball will come out clearly and vividly.

Quality Features

How Are Your Golf Balls Cleaned?

Every golf ball is soaked for a period of time in a top secret mixture to get off dirt and other debris. Then, each ball goes into a soapy wash. This gets our golf balls very clean. Sometimes you get a stubborn ball, so any ball that doesn't pass our clean standards are put back into the soak!

How do you quality grade?

We keep things very simple when it comes to our quality grading. We have four grades starting from best to worst:

Mint, Near Mint, Good, & Shag.

How do you recycle a golf ball?

We start by getting all our balls retrieved from golf courses all across the United States. We retrieve balls from every part of a golf course. We then wash each ball and sort by model and grade. After washing and sorting each ball is counted, packaged and shipped directly to you.

Where are you located?

Our family is born and raised in Texas and our business is no different! Every aspect of our business is operated in house with local help right here in Bastrop Texas. That means every order comes with southern hospitality.

Free Shipping
When should I expect my order? And do you offer free Shipping?

We offer free shipping on all orders over $59.

All orders are processed within 24 hours of purchase with an average delivery time of 2-4 days. That means if you purchase on Monday morning your golfing by Thursday afternoon.

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